Here’s what we do:

  • Social Media Marketing: We will handle strategy, set-up, and the execution of your social media marketing plan. It is important to have a mix of original and shared content…so we find or create it. Our ultimate goal is to gain your business a larger audience as well as increased brand identification across social media sites.
  • Email Direct Marketing: We create email campaigns to keep people updated on an as needed basis.
  • Influencer Engagement/Marketing: We target key individuals and forge relationships with them to help drive business and increase buzz about your business.
  • Content Writing: We write content for websites, e-newsletters, blogs, and articles to attract, retain, and ultimately drive individuals to action.
  • Reputation management: We enhance and protect your business’s reputation by monitoring sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp as well as responding to reviews.
  • Promotions: We boost your business even more by designing promotions surrounding an aspect of your business.
  • Consulting: If your business can handle the daily tasks of social media marketing, we can work with you and brainstorm ideas, teach you how to use different sites for maximum impact, and provide on-going support so you continue to grow!